About RingMI


No outrageous international call charges

RingMI is a single application, multi-service platform which allows our (lovely) customers to call, SMS and forward
international top-ups

We know you don't like paying outrageous international call charges through your normal network provider, that's why RingMI has stepped in to give you the type of quality calls at fantastic, low prices we know you deserve!

For those of you who like to be techy, RingMI is a single application, multi-service platform which allows our (lovely) customers to call, SMS and forward international top-ups. It's basically a HUGELY complex system which we use to redirect international calls through the cheapest possible route. All you need to know is that it saves you LOADS OF CASH!

And, as we are so nice and kind to our customers, all new RingMI users such as YOU receive 30 free call minutes and 30 free international SMS to anyone on the entire planet! Now, is that customer service at its best or what?

Save as much as 70 % on call costs?

Are we kidding?

No, we are not! RingMI is just the easiest way to save money when calling abroad. We don't annoy you with monthly fees, call set-up charges, hidden fees or anything like that. We just give you fantastic low rates: that means you can use 70 % of what you are spending on international calls right now on nice shoes, a groovy haircut or cool jeans.

No change of SIM card or operator


Oh, yes! We like to keep things real simple at RingMI and you won't have to touch a single setting on your phone. Our service works alongside your current network deal so you can keep your existing phone number, operator and SIM card.

We love our customers

RingMi knows how much you love keeping in touch. With superb quality calls to international destinations at the best rates, international balance sharing and topup, your local country numbers and 24/7 general helpdesk, you have the bargain of the lifetime.


Free Calls and SMS for RingMi Users

You can make FREE international voice and video calls to your loved onces from RingMi to RingMi. Just stay connected folks!

HD Voice & Video Quality

With crystal clear HD voice and video call quality at incredibly low rates allows you to get in touch with your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

International Balance Sharing

With RingMi’s international balance sharing you can simply send mobile balance to any network around the globe instantly.

International TopUp

Add funds to phones of friends and family around the world. It's simple, safe and instant.

Your Country Your Number

Get your local number and start receiving unlimited calls on your local number and make cheap calls on landline and mobiles

24/7 General Info Help Desk

We offer around the clock, customer friendly General Information Help Desk for our valued customers.

How RingMi Works?

RingMI works on a voice application that redirects international calls as local calls, which allows us to give you such brilliant prices. When you make a call abroad, RingMI re-routes your call as a local one: so you pay RingMI for the cheap international call and your mobile operator for the local call. If you are connected to RingMI Wi-Fi – or have a flat rate subscription with your mobile operator – you will not pay for any local call.

Word on the street

With amazing cheap HD calls and messages, our customers just love us. Read what they say about our application.


Play Store

Excellent app helps me save money, phone calls are crystal clear


Play Store

I have just started to use this app but it seemed like it does what it supposed to. Excellent graphics, hopefully it is fully secured


Apple Store

It is so good for both audio and video calls. Fantastic.


Play Store

Clear Voice. Not interrupted. I think this is a wonderful one