Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Save up to 95% on your mobile phone bill. Low cost international calls to mobiles & landlines worldwide from your mobile to everywhere else!

RingMI - General

Ringmi is a mobile application designed for peoples who love to talk. Free unlimited phone calls with crystal clear voice quality and send free messages including: photos, stickers, and location sharing to other Ringmi users. Call domestic & International Mobile or Landline with Ringmi cheap, Friendly calling rates and crystal clear voice quality. Low cost SMS and possibility to Send Top-Ups to over 350 international networks around the World. When you use RingMi on a 3G/4G network you may be charged by your carrier.
You can also call to any domestic & International, Mobile or Landline number with Ringmi Friendly calling rates and best voice quality.
Ringmi to Ringmi calls and IM (Messages) are unlimited and total free + friendly calling rates to call on the numbers that doesn’t have Ringmi. When you use RingMi on a 3G/4G network you may be charged by your carrier.
Ringmi is free for download and works on every iPhone & Android devices. Ringmi dialer is also available for Windows.

RingMI - Registration

Registration with Ringmi is very simple and easy ! Download the application from Google Play or App Store. To register yourself with Ringmi, simply use your mobile number and you will receive a 4 Digit confirmation code through SMS. The 4 digit confirmation code ensures that you are the real owner of the mobile number. Once done you are Good to GO. Enjoy the unlimited features of Ringmi.
if you haven’t received the confirmation code within 1 minutes, you can request to resent the code by pressing the button RESEND my Code.
You can login to Ringmi though Ringmi Calling card also. Just enter the Pin code of 9 digit which you will find on your scratch card as User Name and by adding password (mentioned on the back of Ringmi Calling card) you can make off-net calls in HD quality.
Top-up your account using credit card, Visa, PayPal and Ringmi Calling card. All payments done by Visa, credit card and PayPal are completely secure. You can also buy the credit from your favorite app store using in-app purchase.

RingMI - Service and Support

Yes, you can calls to any local or international, landline or mobile using Ringmi low rate and best voice quality.
Ringmi Top-up allows you to make calls to any non Ringmi user. Using Ringmi Credit you can make calls to any network in the world with Ringmi cheap and friendly rates.
Yes, now send low cost SMS anywhere in the world to any mobile network.
Just select the number from your contact book or dial from your Ringmi Keypad and Ringmi will confirm you the rate and operator of that number before your place the call.
User can disable the connectivity of 3G / 4G from Call Settings and can only continue the services using WI-Fi.